Surfacing Time

Surfacing loss advocates change with Rwanda's Batwa people via participatory photography

Future Time

Instead of developmental time, an NGO in Jordan develops new metrics for success

Managing Time

Sexual assault survivors in Kenya develop new ways of collecting evidence--via app.

Policy and Time

How national and international policies intersect with the lived conditions of refugees

Rights for Time is a new research network that brings a temporal perspective to protection challenges

Case Studies


#Rights4time is a research network consisting of multiple interdisciplinary projects across Kenya, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Rwanda. The network aims to bring the hidden legacies of conflict directly into humanitarian protection, and human rights policy and practice.

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Who we are

Frequently hidden and, urgently, intersectional histories, pose unique and complex challenges to protection. New methodologies and measures are required to make hidden damage visible to law and policy. We are creating new evidence bases to demonstrate the impact of the long-times of violence and trauma.

We currently have projects in Rwanda, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, and Kenya, contexts where the long periods of violence have produced enduring challenges, particularly for vulnerable communities and groups, such as refugees, people who have been displaced, women, and children.

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