What is GCRF?

The Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) is a £1.5 billion fund announced by the UK Government in 2016 to address complex global development challenges and support collaborative research that will improve the economic prosperity, welfare and quality of life of people in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC). The Fund tackles a wide range of the issues highlighted in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals from inequality, conflict and violence to promoting respect for human rights, inclusive development, social justice and well-being for people and communities across the developing world.


The establishment of the Fund recognises the need for holistic approaches, drawing on strengths across the research base - including the arts and humanities - to address development challenges such as poverty reduction, improving global public health, enhancing resilience to natural and man-made disasters, displaced populations, rapid urbanisation and inclusive education. Collaboration and partnership with overseas researchers, governments, NGOs and other organisations is a core part of the GCRF and to ensuring that the research supported engages fully with relevant cultural and historic contexts, knowledge bases, creativity, languages, diverse voices and beliefs in LMICs.

An allocation of £26 million from GCRF for the next four years is allowing us develop opportunities for the Arts and Humanities research community. To date, AHRC has made over 100 awards through distinct GCRF funding schemes, our existing funding schemes and through schemes led by other Research Councils such as Resilience (led by NERC) and Forced Displacement (led by ESRC). See here for further details and a list of funding opportunities. In addition, together with the other delivery partners of GCRF, we are exploring new opportunities for transformative cross-disciplinary approaches.

To find out more, please visit the AHRC website by following the link provided.